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The Inertia

Ever wonder just how fast a great white shark can swim? Well, according to this drone operator, at least 20 miles per hour. Dana Point Whale Watching, which has captured numerous viral videos during its ocean-going charters, kicked out drone video of this shark going mach speed last week.

Or more precisely, Matt Larmand captured footage of this fish near Capo Beach, between Dana Point and San Clemente, California (he does work for DPWW). “He was going at least 20 mph,” Larmand said. “I was going full throttle on the drone trying to catch up to him. I’m not sure what triggered him to burst into speed like that; I’ve never seen one do that.”

You can see more of Larmand’s work, below or check out his page ,which is loaded with interesting videos of Southern California sea life.


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