Not a friendly face.

The Inertia

We’ve all seen that person in the lineup who paddled out just to unload some frustration. There have probably been many days where you are that person. That’s why it isn’t tough to spot the culprit, surfing their anger out. They’ll Huntington Hop their way down the line until they can get enough speed to thrash at the lip, finally ending it all in a dramatic kick out, probably giving an audible note of distaste for everybody else to hear. Next comes the paddle back out with a pissed off look on their face. Negative energy isn’t hard to detect in the water.

I’m not denying that surfing is a great stress relief, I just don’t think of the ocean as a punching bag. There are ways to use surfing to alleviate stress other than being that pissed off surfer in the water. So rather than using your time in the water to release negativity, why not think of it as a way to soak up some positivity? Why not approach your entire session as a way to maintain balance in your mind, not unleash your negativity?

Most surfers can relate to the idea that the ocean, whether you’re in it or just looking at it, will help you relax. Similarly, it can, and it will help you find peace and balance. So after a bad day, don’t physically exert your stress on a wave. Don’t spread those bad vibes to others. Get in the water to take in some of the ocean’s positive energy and you just might help balance out those bad feelings with the good ones. Your mind, and your fellow surfers, will thank you.


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