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This is not how we envisioned it.

No one did.

The year 2020 has taught us to forget what we know – that nothing’s sacred and nothing can be taken for granted. Typically, we’re reminded of the meaning of those phrases in traumatic, isolated moments that we experience mostly separate from one another. Rarely is the sentiment so collectively clear. But, alas, here we are.

To cap off 2020, we are so grateful to bob and weave our way through a tumultuous twelve months to host our Third Annual EVOLVE Summit celebrating individuals making positive impacts on surf and outdoor culture. It also happens to be The Inertia’s 10th anniversary, a milestone I’m not sure I ever clearly imagined. But, here it is. This is it. (Confetti popper!)

While much has changed in a decade, the underlying motivation for our efforts remains the same. We want to inspire and we want to celebrate (and enjoy) the outdoors. We also want to surround ourselves with individuals and find ourselves in situations that inspire us – that challenge us to be better people with sharper minds and stronger bodies. The late Doc Paskowitz told us in one of his final interviews, “Health is the presence of a superior state of well-being. A vigor, a vitality, a pizazz that you have to work for every single day of your life.”

With EVOLVE, we’re working on our collective health.

In our annual gathering, we have the great privilege of learning from individuals on the vanguard of Innovation, Creativity, Social Impact, Environment, DIY, and Health and Wellness in surf and outdoor culture. In years past, this gathering has taken place in the flesh, a feature we appreciate now more than ever. While physical gatherings are essentially off the table in 2020, we tried our very best to preserve the electric energy of the optimists and idealists who burn bright to bring you this aura digitally.

In lieu of gathering the tribe for a collection of inspiring, important conversations, we journeyed into the spaces (with masks) and perspectives of folks who are doing great things in their respective disciplines to learn more. To listen. And to multiply their energy in ways that might help us make sense of our own lives.

We didn’t want to do a live Zoom conference. We’re all doing that plenty. We wanted to preserve the elevated feel of the event somehow, but still let it breathe. So this is what we came up with. We hope you like it. Mark your calendars for EVOLVE 2020.

Access to this year’s digital gathering for good is completely free of charge…because 2020. EVOLVE will be available to stream on 12/17, so reserve your seat for a limited time here as enrollment closes in two weeks.

We can’t wait for you to join us. Special thanks to White Claw and Kindhumans for enabling this digital gathering for good to happen and allowing it to be free to access for a limited time.

Here’s the lineup of awesome people who shared their time, vision, and perspectives with us:

Chris Burkard Photographer

Photo: Courtesy of Chris Burkard

Chris Burkard
Creativity and Impact
Iconic surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard shares his approach to creativity, innovation, and how to make an impact through your creative work.

Kai Lenny with his hydrofoil surfboard. Photo: Casey Acaster

Kai Lenny with his foil board. Photo: Casey Acaster

Kai Lenny
The iconic Maui waterman shares insight into his endless pursuit to innovate, defy conventions, and realize his true potential.

Robin Lanei Artist

Photo: Jack Goggans

Robin Lanei
Creativity and Social Impact
The Monterey, Calif.-based artist’s work is a public diary of surf experiences that reflect a clever, irreverent, sometimes-blunt portrait of female surfing and inclusivity in the ocean.

Jay Nelson artist building

Photo: Tyler Manson

Jay Nelson
The iconic builder and craftsman shares insight into the value of the DIY ethic and its application to everyday life.

Stacie Vanags Salted Spirit Podcast Host in her Van

Photo: Jordyn Romero

Stacie Vanags
The Salted Spirit Podcast host shares her experience building a community that champions wellness and mental health for water women.

It's never "mission accomplished," for the Surfrider Foundation's Chad Nelsen.

Photo: Courtesy of Surfrider Foundation

Chad Nelsen
Surfrider Foundation CEO Chad Nelsen discusses leading surfing’s most active non-profit through a health and social crisis.

Ryan Harris Earth Technologies Eco Surfboard Shaper

Photo: Jeremie Brilliant

Ryan Harris
Environment + Social
The founder of the world’s first zero-waste surfboard factory shares his experience navigating a social and environmental conundrum in the new decade.

Tia Blanco Yoga The Inertia

Photo: Willie Kessell

Tia Blanco
Get fit with a free, surf-specific workout with the San Diego-based vegan athlete and yogi Tia Blanco.

Reserve your seat for a limited time. EVOLVE will be available to stream on 12/17 only.


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