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It’s here! This is a day we’ve all been excited for at The Inertia, where we finally get to share the great stories and inspiration of our Third Annual EVOLVE Summit presented by White Claw and Kindhumans.

We’re proud to keep the tradition of celebrating individuals making a positive impact on surf and outdoor culture alive…and it’s The Inertia’s 10th anniversary…so it’s nice to finish 2020 on an uplifting note. We’ve done our very best to preserve the energy of our annual gathering for good digitally – taking you into the spaces and mindsets of individuals we deeply respect on the vanguard of Innovation, Creativity, Social Impact, Environment, DIY, and Health and Wellness.

EVOLVE 2020 is available to stream for free for a limited time starting today, so access now as enrollment closes in two weeks.

Special thanks to White Claw and Kindhumans for enabling this digital gathering for good to happen.

We hope you enjoy and get inspired. Big things to come.

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Here’s the lineup of awesome people who shared their time, vision, and perspectives with us:

Kai Lenny Has Made a Career Out of High-Performance Innovation

Kai Lenny Has Made a Career Out of High-Performance Innovation

Innovation: Kai Lenny
Those who dare to innovate push society forward. They disregard the judgment of the unimaginative and boldly advance in the direction of their ambitions. We have much to learn from innovators. And when it comes to watermen, Kai Lenny is innovation incarnate.

Photographer Chris Burkard smiling with his camera

Chris Burkard on Why Being Creative Is About Taking Chances

Creativity and Social Impact: Chris Burkard
Creative work can galvanize social change. It can inspire us to be our best. Iconic surf and outdoor photographer Chris Burkard shares his approach to creativity, innovation, and how to make an impact through your creative work.

Tia Blanco Yoga The Inertia

Photo: Willie Kessell

Health and Wellness: Tia Blanco
Get fit with a free, surf-specific workout with the San Diego-based vegan athlete and yogi.

Robin Lanei Artist

Photo: Jack Goggans

Creativity and Social Impact: Robin Lanei
The Monterey-based artist’s work is a public diary of surf experiences that reflect a clever, irreverent, sometimes blunt portrait of female surfing and inclusivity in the ocean.

Jay Nelson's Guide to Building a Pop Top Camper

Jay Nelson Pop Top Camper Photo: The Inertia/Tyler Manson

DIY: Jay Nelson
The iconic builder and craftsman shares insight into the value of the DIY ethic and its application to everyday life.

Stacie Vanags Salted Spirit Podcast Host in her Van

Photo: Jordyn Romero

Wellness: Stacie Vanags
The Salted Spirit Podcast host shares her experience building a community that champions wellness and mental health for water women.

Chad Nelsen in front of the ocean

Chad Nelsen leads Surfrider into a New Era. Photo: Courtesy of Surfrider Foundation

Environment: Chad Nelsen
The Surfrider Foundation CEO discusses his approach to leading surfing’s most active non-profit through a health and social crisis.

Ryan Harris Earth Technologies Eco Surfboard Shaper

Ryan Harris opened his first eco-surfboard shop in Hawthorne, CA in 2011. Photo: Jeremie Brilliant

Environment + Social Good: Ryan Harris
Founder of the world’s first zero-waste surfboard factory shares his unique experience navigating a social and environmental crisis.

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