The Inertia

New Zealand is utterly beautiful. The people are welcoming, the waves are world-class, the landscapes are incredible, and the meat pies are out of this world. I have traveled there a number of times in the last six years and it has never disappointed. Even if you don’t score the waves, there’s always something to keep you frothing. Hiking into isolated waterfalls, climbing to the top of mountains, or finding hidden beaches to spend the day are things that are always a short drive away in New Zealand.

Western Australia’s northwest is a place everyone should visit. It’s a place that forces you to put down your phone, forget about your emails, and just enjoy time with friends. If you lived your whole life in the northwest you would believe that the world was flat. There’s red dirt and bush for as long as the eye can see. There are cliffs that drop onto deserted white sand and blue water beaches with only the footprints of kangaroos from the previous day.

Whether it’s sitting around a camp fire having a few beers with mates, scoring the waves of your life, or sleeping under the billions of stars each night, this region is what everyone needs to escape the the bullshit associated with everyday life.

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