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I wouldn’t call myself a sports guy. Surfing and hockey are the two sports I follow with any sort of regularity. Still, sit me down in front of the TV with any episode of ESPN’s 30 for 30, and I’ll get sucked in. That’s because watching a game or a contest in itself requires an appreciation for athleticism and some context of the narratives at play. 30 for 30, on the other hand, is simply about telling a great story.

The WSL’s recent efforts to profile surfers, functions similarly. It’s about choosing an athlete whose background may not be common knowledge and synthesizing their story. For as desensitized as I often feel watching 3-minute surf clip after 3-minute surf clip, I’ll admit I was taken by Jadson Andre’s profile.

The guy comes from the town of Natal, and “caught the surf bug,” as it were at an early age. But what’s most inspiring about this short is both Jadson’s drive to get back on tour after fallin off, and the fact that he supports no less than nine with his paycheck.


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