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The Inertia

Filipe Toledo’s uncanny ability to make something out of, well, not much was on full display yesterday at Snapper Rocks. Joe Turpel and Martin Potter agreed. They were flabbergasted, to put it mildly. Toledo takes off on an innocuous wave and pulls a gnarly, full layback (like, he was literally sprawled out on the wave). He nearly loses control of his board, gets a snap, then a couple of set-up turns before pulling a radical full-roter nose pick on a steep section with a reasonably clean face. It was pleasing to the eye.

We started to compare it to Dane Reynold’s famous 7.33 at Haleiwa during the Reef Hawaiian Pro after Turpel called Filipe’s the best nosepick he’d ever seen (Shane Dorian called Dane’s the gnarliest turn he’d ever seen in the booth), and because Dane’s was a full rotation as well and somewhat reminiscent. Alas, Dane didn’t grab, and that section he made the turn on at Haleiwa was so much heavier (compare for yourself, below). But we digress–Filipe’s turn was gorgeous, and because of its aesthetic value, probably deserves as much praise.


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