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The Inertia

We all know professional athletes have to train their arses off in order to perform at their peak. Used to be a day when surfers stubbornly stuck to the idea that the only way to train for surfing is by surfing. But nowadays, especially with big wave surfers, athletes train out of the water to maximize endurance, breath control, strength, agility…and getting their boar bags from one terminal to another in a rush.

So if you’re genuinely curious what a training session with a guy like Nate Florence might look like, here’s your chance. It’s nothing Laird would have dreamt up, attempting to break the souls of other humans in his Malibu fitness fort. In fact, Florence and his crew take on what looks like your run-of-the-mill WOD at a CrossFit gym: seven rounds on the rowing machine, followed by thrusters with 35-pound dumbbells, and finished off with a 200-meter farmer carry in the hot summer sun. Doesn’t sound too crazy, does it? Well, it kicks Florence’s ass and he’s left with one bit of advice when it’s all said and done: never underestimate the farmer carry.

“I was practicing for the board bag run through the airports. Terminal switches. This is nothing!” 




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