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The Inertia

As surfers, we know that sharks are in the ocean. It’s a fact. We deal with it. But sometimes, we have to admit when we get lucky. Like Florida surfer Eli McDonald, who was surrounded by the apex predators this week at Sebastian Inlet.

“It was beautiful out,” McDonald told local media. “Water was great. There were baitfish running around. Next thing I knew, I got stuck in the middle of a mullet bait ball and they were just jumping everywhere. One hit me in the head and I seen a big tarpon go underneath my board.”

But there were more than just tarpon lurking. Several healthy sized sharks (the species was not identified) had surrounded McDonald, looking for food. His fiancee snapped the photos featured in the video above while McDonald calmly handled the situation in the water.

“When I see the one behind me, I’m thankful that my foot wasn’t in the water,” he said. “We always know they’re there, right? I think it’s part of your passion of being in the ocean and surfing, being aware of your surroundings.”


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