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How often do you slip into daydream mode and conjure up images of surfing perfect, peeling waves in a far-off land? There are plenty of places on the planet where you could be living a short distance from such perfection, but for some reason we envision those waves breaking far, far away from home rather than in our own backyard. We tell ourselves we must get on a plane to find that magical point break, that barreling A-frame — whatever it is your heart desires most, you’re convinced it’s not in your zip code.

Of course, for some this is a fact. You could live hundreds of miles away from the nearest breaking wave and getting barreled really does require two weeks of vacation time and a passport. But if you’re lucky enough to just drive to your favorite wave after work, odds are you’ve experienced the place when it’s at its best at least once. You’ve woken up, checked the surf, and lucked into those few days a year when all the conditions come together just right to make the place work its true magic. These are the days when you declare, “I’m never leaving…”

Frankie And Koby Oberholzer probably say this to themselves more than most of us. They live in a land where perfect right handers at least appear to be the status quo rather than the exception to the rule. Nonetheless, they both know they have something good and they don’t appear to take it for granted. Summers suck, according to Frankie, but winters are so magical that they can’t imagine wanting anything else.


“I just came back from Indo,” Koby says, “and we had better waves within a week here than we had in a whole month in Indo. And it’s pretty special to share barrels with my dad.”

“What more can you ask for?” Frankie adds.

He’s got a solid point. What more could you ask for if this was home?




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