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The Inertia

In case you did not know, we are making waves inland. Head high barreling waves, next to Bristol city, UK. It will be called The Wave.

We want to do it right, though – sustainably, community-centric, socially uplifting, but still financially robust. We have great people like Surfers Against Sewage, The Wave Project, British Museum of Surfing, and Surfing GB working with us. With any luck, we can create a legacy together.

We have been crowdfunding the last two weeks to raise funds to kick start our charity, The Making Waves Foundation, and to begin delivering our sustainability pledge of getting the site off grid, asap. We are beginning development of our Inland Surf facility but want to do it right.

We decided that as soon as we hit £100,000 in our crowdfunding campaign, we would release “The Golden Ticket.” We smashed through it! What is the Golden Ticket? This ticket will be randomly selected from one of the people who have bought a limited edition t-shirt in our campaign.

  • A free membership for life to The Wave Bristol.
  • One surfing session every week for the rest of your life.
  • Free access to the site.
  • VIP invite to all events on site.
  • Personal tour around the site prior to launch and opportunity to meet the whole team.
  • Any week sessions not used get rolled up and donated to a bursary for kids from challenging backgrounds or life limiting conditions.

Why? Because we love the thought that someone who has made a £40 pledge will have an opportunity of getting a reward that is 100% unique. A reward that will be worth tens of thousands of pounds and will deliver happiness for an entire lifetime. We also love the fact that any sessions not used will give another child happiness, especially if they have life limiting conditions.

We’ll also invite the proud winner to all VIP events and make sure they are part of the core team that are making The Wave happen. If surfing is not their thing, or they live too far away, we can work the reward so that we can have a child from a tough or challenging background use the ticket on a weekly rotation, thereby giving thousands of kids the opportunity to also access the unique experience of The Wave.

You can visit the crowdfunder campaign here to pledge.

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