The Inertia

The primary inspirations from my photos are driven by the desire to tell the viewer a story through my work. When all the conditions and variables come together – and knowing you got a good shot – is a fascinating feeling that is hard to describe. I’ve been visiting Fiji and Hawaii for the past 7 years trying to capture what I believe is the essence of surfing. And it’s in those venues that I find all the inspiration that I need. Australia and California have their moments, too.

As a surfer and photographer, I am really drawn to the surfers with great style and great vibes in and out of the water. Surfers like Rasta, Chris Del Moro, Donavon, AI, and John John are my favorite subjects to shoot. To me, they portray the true, raw roots of surfing. I’m inspired by The Shelter: Moonshine Experiment surf video in the early 2000s. Everything about that era – the style, the mindset, and all those surfers together have struck a  chord deep within me. To this day, I still watch them all the time.


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