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Traveling the world for perfect waves doesn’t come without a few speed bumps along that road less taken. Just ask Gabriel Medina. Rip Curl has reignited “The Search” with a video series charting the adventures (and mishaps) of the team riders as they search the globe for uncrowded lineups and unknown waves. And the latest view into the series shows the other side to galavanting, the disasters.

We’ve got Mick Fanning going down on a Code Red Cloudbreak bomb; Tyler Wright air-dropping to her doom; Owen Wright hitting the eject button; Mason Ho bouncing off the reef in Tahitit; and, of course, Gabs’ close encounter with the boat. As he comes out of the tube, last year’s world champ sets up for a cutback, only to abort that plan for a quick getaway. It’s a good thing Gabs didn’t take a hull of fiberglass to the face because he’s got a World Title to defend. But that’s not to say his fellow Rip Curl rider Mick Fanning won’t have anything to say about it.

“The Search” returns for full episodes starting December 3rd.


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