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These last few months we’ve heard “best Indo” this and “best Indo” that tossed around like confetti. From mind-blowing Nias to some of the longest waves ever ridden at Uluwatu, it’s been quite a season for the Indonesian archipelago. And it’s not over yet.

The video above comes to us from our pal Justis St. John who shot and edited this little Desert Point series for Billabong. “By all accounts from the locals that live there, it was the best day they have seen,” he said.

Deserts is a veritable playground for the goofier among us. Take Jonathan Gubbins here – chasing double barrels like they’re going out of style.


But a wave rich season hasn’t been without its fair share of tragedy for different parts of Indonesia these last few months. A massive earthquake rocked Lombok back in early August killing at least 82 – and that was just a week after a 6.4 quake killed 17. Then, late last month a 7.5 quake shook the island of Sulawesi, which was then struck by a tsunami.

In addition to a handful of bangin’ clips, the video above includes a link to an earthquake relief campaign for victims in Lombok. If you feel compelled to donate, you can learn more here.



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