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reviewing ho stevie's canvas boardbag and board sock

We tried Ho Stevie’s canvas boardbag and board sock. When it comes to affordable protection for your stick, the buck stops here. Photo: Will Sileo

The Inertia

Editor’s Note: This piece is brought to you by our partners at Ho Stevie!

If you’ve ever searched for something surf-related on Amazon, you’ve probably run across Ho Stevie! The San Diego-based surf manufacturer has set the standard when it comes to well-made and well-priced surf gear with a small, surfer-owned company ethos to boot. Warranty a product, ask a question, and you’ll be chatting with the man himself, Steve Mara aka “Stevie.” And with free one to two-day shipping to most of the U.S. and 30-day returns, Steve has shown his little operation can compete with the big guys for convenience as well as price.

“It all began in 2014 with a GoPro mouth mount,” says Steve. “After that we made fins, then leashes, and just grew it one product at a time. I had already built a successful e-commerce supplement business, but I wanted to do something I was passionate about. I LOVE being surrounded by surf stuff all day, every day, whether I’m working or playing. So I started Ho Stevie!”

stevie and his wife at their new shop

Steve with his better half in the new shop. Photo: Ho Stevie!

Spearheaded by Steve and his wife Basak, or just “B”, what started off as an online-orders company has grown a lot recently. They just opened a brick and mortar storefront in their hometown of San Diego (give them a visit at 1152 Garnet Ave, just a few blocks from Pacific Beach), and have launched their own line of wetsuits, set to be released in the next few weeks.

Here, we take a look at a couple of the most popular products from Ho Stevie!, the classic surfboard sock, and their newly-released canvas surfboard bag. To stay up-to-date on all things Ho Stevie! (like those slick new wetsuits), make sure to follow the Ho Stevie! on Instagram, and sign up for their monthly giveaway.

ho stevie boardsock Photo: Will Sileo

Ho Stevie! Boardsock

My favorite thing about Ho Stevie’s Surfboard Sock is its versatility. With plenty of surfboards and not enough boardbags to put them all in, I almost always have a use for a boardsock whenever I find myself transporting or storing surfboards. Keeping my car wax-free is huge, and the dings and scrapes that result from tossing my board in the back of my car or trudging up and down the stairs to my apartment can be easily averted with the boardsock.

All that being said, what’s so special about the Ho Stevie! Boardsock? A lot of things, actually. First of all, it comes with a little wax pouch tucked into the hem of the sock. Pretty nifty. And the stretchy terrycloth fabric both expands to fit virtually any shape of board, and remains protective while doing so. No dings were incurred while I carted my boards around in my new boardsock the past few weeks.

Furthermore, you’re paying the same price as you would for any of the other boardsocks you might find on Amazon, but this one came from Ho Stevie. That means instead of dealing with an overseas manufacturer when you buy the wrong size or rip a hole in it with the pointy tail of your fish, you’re dealing with Steve Mara, an all-around nice dude, San Diego local, and a surfer like yourself. That’s a big win in my book.

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Ho Stevie's canvas boardbag

Ho Stevie! Canvas Boardbag

All those good things about the Ho Stevie! boardsock being said, boardsocks in general are not for everyone. My main gripe with boardsocks is that I am not a patient person. So when it comes to wiggling a stretchy fabric tube down a waxy piece of fiberglass, or the velcro cuff of my leash attaching really, really well to the terrycloth fabric of my boardsock when it’s not supposed to, frustration can ensue.

Which is why I really like Ho Stevie’s canvas boardbag. No wiggling, and no unwanted velcro snags. Granted, you’re sacrificing a bit of the versatility of a stretchy boardsock to fit virtually any board, but size up to a wide enough version and your canvas boardbag will be able to handle just about any board in your quiver. The thick canvas cloth is protective but supple enough to roll up and easily store when not in use. Did I mention that it looks pretty rad as well? In a world of boardsocks and shiny silver boardbags, this canvas boardbag will stand out.

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ho stevie shop

When it comes to affordable board protection, it doesn’t get any better than Ho Stevie’s line of boardsocks and boardbags. Photo: Ho Stevie!


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