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Men's and women's hyperflex vryl cryo full suits 5/4

Warm and toasty without breaking the bank. Hyperflex’s Vyrl CRYO series comes in both men’s and women’s. Photo: Hyperflex

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Welcome to The Inertia’s definitive wetsuit review where we rate some of the industry’s best rubber so you can feel informed before purchasing your winter skin. We used a five-star rating system to rank each of our suits’ features. Here, we look at the Hyperflex Vyrl CRYO.

Testing Location: Oregon’s north coast
Average Water Temperature: 52°F
Average Air Temperature: 55°F

Warmth: 5 Stars

Hyperflex has developed value-driven suits for those outside the main surf hubs of California, Florida and Australia – which is to say the brand specializes in cold water gear for the outskirts of surfing humanity. The Vyrl CRYO is an extremely warm iteration from Hyperflex, combining what the company calls a “special” blend of neoprene (we’re not entirely sure what that means) with its Fire Fleece lining that’s super comfy, and super warm (this stuff makes the suit). We tested the 5/4 and even in the coldest conditions, it’ll get you sweating. Which is a good thing, obviously.

Durability: 4.5 Stars

So far, so good. Wetsuits naturally wear as they’re laid out to dry, day in and day out, and as they’re pulled and stretched while taking on and off. The Vyrl CRYO has worn well thus far.

Comfort and Flexibility: 4 Stars

Make no bones, this a thick suit, but one that does allow for easy movement once you get it on and, combined with Hyperflex’s Square-Toed boots and Mesh-Skin gloves, can absolutely be used to spend an entire day in the cold. The only reason it’s a four-star rating here is getting the suit off takes a herculean effort or a good friend to help pull it below the shoulders.


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Notable Features:

Two stand out. First, and it may be biased, I respect Hyperflex because the brand builds high-quality, cold-water suits for places like New England and the Pacific Northwest at an affordable cost (the Vyrl CRYO 5/4 is $320). Second, the brand’s Fire Fleece, made of a soft, woven material that’s extremely easy on the skin, is a revelation for cold water (super cozy).


Well-made, quality suit for cold water at an affordable price.


Again, this suit defends you from the cold but you might feel like a vacuum-sealed pistachio and need a friend to help get it off.

Overall: 4.5 Stars

The Hyperflex Vyrl CRYO suits are extremely value driven while maintaining quality and comfort. For the price of one suit from other brands, you could get two Vyrl CRYOs (which come in thicknesses of both 5/4 and 6/5). But these don’t wear like a cheap suit, either. The Fire Fleece lining is as comfortable an inner lining as you’ll find in the wetsuit industry and having had several Hyperflex suits, I can vouch that they wear extremely well over time.

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