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Editor’s Note: This article is presented by our partners at KGUARD.

The commute to go surfing is always a bit of a schlep. Unless, of course, you sold a tech company, were in early on short squeezing Gamestop, didn’t have any money in crypto recently, or slipped and fell on the right property. In that case, you might have a home with ocean views and a perfect wave in your backyard, which makes the commute much more convenient.*

But even if you do happen to live in front of – or just down the road from – an epic break, sometimes, that wave won’t be working. You’ll want to go somewhere else. And you’ll probably have to drive, just like the rest of us plebeians.


The SoftCube’s 63-liter capacity has plenty of room for a wetsuit (or two), surf poncho, and so much more. Photo: Luke House

No matter the circumstances of your surf commute, the problem of wet and sandy gear leaving a mess in the back of your car is something we all encounter. That’s why Spanish company KGUARD (the same guys who brought you this nifty gadget) developed their latest product: The KGUARD SoftCube – a waterproof bag designed for transporting your wet and sandy gear to and from the beach.

The team at KGUARD know that surfers haul quite a bit of gear. For this reason, they designed the SoftCube with 63 liters of carrying capacity so you can bring your leash, fins, sunscreen, wax, wetsuit, changing towel, water (drinking), water (rinsing), snack, change of clothes, and whatever else might be in your kit. The bag features one large main pocket and two side panels for organization. There’s an additional small zippered pocket on the exterior of the bag for phones, car keys, and anything else you want to keep completely dry.

SoftCube Changing Mat

The KGUARD SoftCube’s changing mat also works as a divider for wet and dry gear. Photo: Luke House.

Stowed at the base of the KGUARD SoftCube is a changing mat – it sits flush, so when you’re not using it, it’s like it’s not even there. As one might imagine, the changing mat is especially helpful for, well, changing. It provides a clean surface for putting your wetsuit on and taking it off, which helps prolong the life of your suit by keeping it off the ground and dirt free. The changing mat also serves as a waterproof divider, which is useful for keeping your dripping wetsuit at the bottom of the bag separate from your towel and any other belongings.

KGUARD SoftCube in Car

With reinforced seams and heavy-duty zippers, the KGUARD SoftCube is built to last. Photo: Luke House

The KGUARD SoftCube was designed with the everyday surfer and beach goer in mind. It’s constructed out of thermoplastic polyurthane (TPU), a tough, durable, and waterproof material. The zippers to the pockets are made out of heavy duty plastic to resist corrosion, and the main compartments’ extra wide teeth make opening and closing the bag a breeze. All of the seams of the SoftCube are reinforced – it’s built to last.

Overall, the KGUARD Softcube is a durable transport device for bringing gear to and from the beach in a tidy fashion. It’s waterproof, so there’s no need to worry about dumping a soaking wetsuit in your trunk. It helps keep your gear dirt and dust free, prolonging the life of your wetsuit, and it allows you to ditch cumbersome plastic bins or other alternatives.

KGUARD Bike Shot

Oh yeah, it works wonders for the bike commute, too. Photo: Luke House.

To learn more about the Softcube, or to get one yourself, check it out on the KGUARD website or on Amazon.

*We think there are probably more ways than those listed to live on or nearby an epic surf break. Let us know what we missed.


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