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In 2017, Global Surf Industries launched the Life Is Better When You Surf Scholarship program for kids in the United States, New Zealand, and Australia, awarding 30 students with money to go toward their education and as a bonus, two free surfboards. This year, the Australian-based manufacturer has decided to expand its program to students in nine different countries, awarding $1,000 to recipients to be used for anything from tuition to school supplies and of course, they’re still throwing in those two free surfboards.

“As we launch the 2018/19 round of ‘Life is better when you surf’ scholarships it gives me a lot of pleasure to know that the program worked so well last year that we are expanding it to a wider number of countries, allowing more kids to take part,” Global Surf Industries CEO Mark Kelly said. “The feedback we got from last year’s families was overwhelming, the gratitude of the recipients was humbling. I especially loved learning about the level of involvement and understanding of selflessness many of these young kids have taken on in their young lives.”

Now, kids in Costa Rica, England, France, Spain, Portugal and South Africa are included in the mix with GSI’s pool of scholarship applicants who “showcase the positive values of surfing among their peers and in their community.” It’s a program for kids who love to surf but isn’t awarding them for competitive surfing achievements, they’re simply empowering students to be better students. And their requirements for kids hoping to apply are pretty broad and encouraging: 1. Are you between 12 and 15-years old? and if so, 2. Do you love to surf? Boom. You’re a qualified applicant in one of the nine countries GSI has opened the scholarship up to. All they’ve asked for to apply is a short essay on why life is better when you surf (200 words max), a short video or photo essay sharing why you deserve the scholarship, a letter of recommendation for a teacher, coach, or mentor, and naturally, permission from your parents.


The deadlines for applications (by country/region) are as follows:

-16 recipients in USA and 2 recipients in Costa Rica – applications open 15 July – 12 August 2018.
-1 recipient in England, France, Spain, and Portugal – applications open 1 – 30 September 2018.
-10 recipients in Australia, 4 recipients in New Zealand and 2 recipients in South Africa applications open 15 December – 13 January 2019.

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