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The Inertia

Raff and Jill are two young Indians from crazy Mumbai city. But recently they moved to a small beach town in India to surf. There they got really involved with the surf culture there and wanted to start something of their own.

The two noticed that there were no homegrown or local brands pushing surf culture and lifestyle in India, and wanted to be on the forefront of starting that. There are a host of international big name surf brands opening their doors to the tiny surf culture in India, but Raff and Jill wanted something independent that would show and represent what they were about — that mentality and those aspirations are what ultimately led to Go Left.

This video was shot in and around their adopted hometown of Varkala, showcasing a day in the life of the brand. And most importantly, it highlights the lifestyle, people, friends, and fun that inspires Go Left.

Raff and Jill

Be sure to check out Go Left by visiting their website. Also don’t forget to Like them on Facebook and follow them on Instagram.


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