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Johan Potgieter was spear fishing somewhere off Cape Town, South Africa when he had this horror film-like encounter with a Great White shark. Not because it was bloody. But because it was surprising. The animal came out of nowhere. The footage was submitted as part of the GoPro Awards and released today on the company’s Youtube page. Potgieter didn’t sustain any injuries from the curious shark. Notice he didn’t stay in the water long, either.

But it is worth noting the encounter happened in 2015 and was obviously re-released as part of the contest. It scared Potgieter shitless, nonetheless: “He seemed not to like my defensive prod too much,” he said of the shark’s reaction to getting a spear pointed at it. “It sped off, made a sharp turn, dropped his pectoral fins (very aggressive behavior), made a sharp 180-degree turn and came straight for me. At this point the situation turned from a close encounter to life threatening. The shark was clearly now in attack mode.”

But it didn’t. It just made us all click on it to see what happened. And Shark Week has now infiltrated all corners of popular culture.


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