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The Inertia

My name is Jeff Walthall, though I’m also known as Mana because of my company name Mana Photo. I’ve been shooting for quite awhile now — almost 20 years. I  started by shooting video: I would shoot all my friends, most of whom were professional surfers. I made a couple of surf videos and gradually got into shooting stills. Back then, we used to shoot on slide film and it used to get pretty expensive when the waves were pumping. With all the advances in digital photography, it’s really made it so much easier to get the shot and get it out there quickly. Over the last year and a half I have really rededicated myself to my photography and been having a lot of fun with it. With that said, I decided to select all photo’s that have been taken over the past year for this feature. I think it really shows a lot about the direction my photography is going as well as where it has come from… I hope you enjoy these images. Aloha.

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