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The Inertia

They were the first to settle down in one of the harshest environments a surfer can find. Frigid waters, ever-changing waves, and epic surroundings. Many of us have Unstad, the most famous wave in Norway,  on our bucket list.

You might have seen Mick Fanning surfing beneath the Northern Lights. Chris Burkard frequently visits and documents his adventures here, and thousands of surfers visit what’s considered one of the most exotic waves in the world. But to plenty of surfers, Unstad is actually home. But who are these people who decide to stay when everyone else has left? Who were the first to get hooked on Unstad? Who were the first to get hooked on the rush of true Arctic surf?

In the new web series Surfers of Lofoten, produced by Mats Slaastad Birkelund and SurfNorge you will get to know the true locals. People who have chosen a different direction in life, simply to surf one of the best waves in Scandinavia as much as possible. People who consider Lofoten more than just another destination, but a place to call their home.


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