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I’ve known the Hobgoods for over twenty years now. I traveled the world with them directing surf movies many years ago. Even after I left the surf film industry to move to Los Angeles and pursue other directing avenues, we always stayed in touch. CJ and I would catch up and surf on his LAX layovers; I’d go hang with Damien at his home down in San Diego. Looking back, I’m astounded I never fathomed how exceptionally unique and truly compelling their story was until it finally hit me. One day I was explaining to a friend (who knows nothing about surfing or much less competitive surfing) about “my two friends who are identical twins and travel and compete on the World Tour.” After I laid it all out for him, he simply said “I can’t image what it must be like to be in the public eye and also have to compete with a duplicate of yourself – must make for some incredible tales.” I I started thinking about how true that is, and what a unique perspective on life that must create.

I reached out to CJ and Damien and began gathering stories. I would ask them to tell me what it’s been like living as competitive surfers and identical twins for the past fifteen years. As I took notes of their story, not only did they recant the harrowing anecdotes I knew, but also deeper, darker, and climactic personal chronicles. Captivating stories I had never heard before. Polarizing tales of victory, defeat, emptiness, and fulfillment, not only in their lives as two of the top professional surfers of their generation, but in their private lives as well. If you follow professional surfing, you know that both CJ and Damien have enjoyed illustrious, storybook careers. The Hobgoods have been at this much coveted profession for nearly a decade and a half, and yet, for the first time ever, they are both staring at a crossroad in their careers. It’s the perfect time to not only recap their past struggle and success, but document what the future holds for them.

Damien, for the first time in thirteen years, just narrowly missed re-qualification for the 2014 ASP World Championship Tour. He is now tasked with a tough decision. Does he retire and hang up the competition jersey for good? Does he focus his energy on re-qualifying for the World Tour? Or will he find another career path in the surfing industry? CJ has a major sponsor for the first time in six years. Up until now, he had been battling not only the costs to stay atop the ASP World Championship Tour, but his own personal life conflicts as well. As the franchise face of a new clothing label, will CJ be able to usher in the brand’s acceptance to a fashion fickle modern day surf culture? Is being on the World Tour without his identical twin brother for the first time affecting his competitive drive? Will the mental and physical toll of being one of the top surfers on the Tour for the longest time wear on his desire to continue, or will it fire him up even more?

This is a project that I’m really passionate about creating, and so are the Hobgoods. We want to not just make another surf video, but a documentary film that everyone can enjoy and possibly inspire others with their story. When CJ and Damien aren’t arguing on our email chains, they’ve been working really hard to help bring this picture to life. CJ is even offering up his 2001 ASP World Title Trophy as a perk on our IndieGoGo campaign.
-Justin Purser, Director The Documentary of CJ & Damien Hobgood

I really would like people to better understand twins and brothers and the friction and growth that is exists throughout most of their life. I think what CJ and I have been through could help out parents who have twins or brothers, and for all kids who are fighting for their own identity.
-Damien Hobgood

Damien and I are at a point in our lives where we need to answer some serious questions. Does Damo try to requalify for the Tour? Does he chase big waves and potentially the Big Wave Wave World Tour? Can I win events and make an impact on the Tour? And can I do that while trying to create a brand after traveling for six years without one?

We want to answer these questions and tell our story – what we’ve been through while trying create individual identities for ourselves; having the same dream as someone who looks just like the person in the mirror, and all the highs and lows that come along with it. Is the mirror broken? We want to show you as we take you into our relationship with each other and with the ocean.
-CJ Hobgood

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