Environmental Director, Surfrider Foundation

Clean water is good for everyone, and everyone can play a part to keep our oceans healthy.

The Inertia

Our ocean and coasts constantly face issues like poor water quality, plastic pollution and the looming threat of an oil spill. The Trump administration also poses a unique threat with proposals to eliminate important environmental programs that protect clean water and public health.

Now more than ever, we must stand up and protect clean water!  Here are five simple ways you can act to protect your health while defending clean water in your community and at your beach:

1. Know before you go.  Check Blue Water Task Force water quality data or your local beach water quality program before heading to the beach. It’s not fun to get sick from a surf session or a day at the beach.

2. Support the Beach Act. Demand that Congress continues to fund important water quality testing programs.

3. Make your yard more Ocean Friendly. Here’s how! (And you don’t need to live by the ocean to have an Ocean Friendly Garden!)

4. Conserve water. How we treat our freshwater resources on land, affects water quality downstream at the beach and the overall health of our coastal ecosystems. Read more about simple ways to conserve water.

5. Join in! Find your local chapter and get involved in local projects and campaigns that help protect clean water.

In a time when every fight may feel enormous, what we do locally and individually is actually more powerful than you may realize.

It all adds up!


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