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Editor’s Note: Surf Style Training with Elise Carver is available to The Inertia readers for a 50% discount until June 15th, 2019. Check out the course page to learn more.

If you’re like us – or the vast swath of humans abiding the Gregorian calendar – you set a resolution related to your health about four months ago.

“I’m going to work out four times a week.”


“I’m going to eat healthier.”

“Surf more.”

And you’re experiencing a degree of success. Some of your iCals are proudly overflowing with completed and scheduled workouts. Some surf journals are brimming with entries full of swell heights, wind directions, tide marks, and observations from time well spent in the salty expanse. Other calendars, surf journals, and memories of renewed healthy habits don’t exist (yet).


In the spirit of assisting you (and ourselves) with keeping those healthy resolutions, feeling better, and getting in the surf more, we’ve partnered with Elise Carver, founder of Surf Style Training, to offer a 3-month program designed to improve your surf fitness.

Including twelve workouts organized over a three-month period, a series of active stretches, a rest and recovery plan, and daily homework to keep you sharp, Surf Style Training focuses on five key attributes of professional surfing: core strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility.

The program is easily accessible for all levels of fitness. Carver’s pupils include World Tour competitor Malia Manuel, Art of Surfing Founder, Matt Scorringe, founder of Modom Surf and former WQS Surfer Jack Perry, and current WQS competitor Carly Shanahan. She also instructs a variety of beginner and intermediate surfers.

“Elise’s Surf Style training is one of the best types of movements you could possibly do not only for surfing, but overall fitness,” says Malia Manuel, ranked third in the world at the time of publishing. “Her body philosophy is on point with what we need as athletes. Over the past few years working with her, I’ve been amazed at how much my fitness has positively changed with what she has taught me.”

The versatile nature of the program means you can build your surfing strength from the comfort of your own home, no matter your skill level, and no matter the surf conditions. It’s not pumping all the time.


“I started doing remote coaching with Elise Carver and Surf Style Training about a month ago, and the results have been amazing,” says WQS surfer Carly Shanahan. “I got my first junior competition win this year, and I couldn’t have done it without that training. I can’t express how much it’s helped.”

This program helps to condition your body for what’s required of you out in the surf, so you can make the most of every single session. Paddle longer, surf faster, respond quicker, move better. See how good it feels to be prepared for pumping surf.

If you’re interested in committing to a series of surf-specific workouts to optimize your surf fitness, check out Surf Style Training with Elise Carver. We’ve even included a free workout for you to test as well as the full curriculum here. While the course is a $380 value, we’re offering it at a discount of $189 until June 15th, 2019. We hope you enjoy and get some waves!

Elise Carver, founder of Surf Style Training, developed a 3-month course to improve your surf fitness. Photo: Ming Nomchong

Elise Carver, founder of Surf Style Training, developed a 3-month course to improve your surf fitness. Photo: Ming Nomchong


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