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The pandemic is a confusing thing. We’re all trapped — for the most part, at least — at home, watching places with a grass-is-always greener mentality. Nearly a million dead worldwide, economies in shambles, a country divided. There’s a lot of bad, but as there is with everything, there are a few silver linings. One of those silver linings for Tomas Hermes is a chance to reconnect with the place he grew up.

“During the pandemic having to stay at home for so long after years of traveling on the tour was a reconnection with my town,” Hermes said. “We try to get out of the routine in our place. Surfing and exploring my own city was something I hadn’t done in a long time.”

Reconectando is a homemade video starring, created, and edited by Hermes. Ana Romanio was behind the camera, and the whole thing is shot almost entirely at Tomas’ home break in a tiny town called Barra Velha on the north coast of Santa Catarina.

“I had a lot of fun making this video and creating all the art with the home as a reference was an incredible experience,” he said. “I surfed a wave very similar to J-bay; I never imagined that I could compare J-bay with my home break. Reconectando is a video that helped me get back to surfing the way that I hadn’t done in a long time.”


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