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It’s Wednesday. That means we’re officially halfway through the work week and one day closer to the weekend where a morning surf doesn’t necessarily have to be interrupted by the need to get out and make money. You know, prove you’re a functioning member of society and all that. But until then responsibility knocks, so allow us to present to you a fleeting glimpse of crystalline perfection that we hope might bring you a glimmer of hope until your next dip in the brine.

This one comes from our pal Justis St. John who fired it to our inbox with the superlative subject line: “Best Desert Point Ever.” It shows Jonathan Bomba pumping through a meaty, spitting double barrel.

Here’s what Justis had to say: “Been such a crazy 48 hours in Lombok, one of the biggest quakes in years and then the next day was the best Desert Point ever recorded. Mother Nature works in mysterious ways…”


“Best Desert Point ever recorded,” might be a tall order, but this single wave is a healthy appetizer that certainly suggests it was damn-near perfect in recent days. Justis tells us he’s working on a full edit. We’re anxiously awaiting its release.

Video by: Jonathan Gubbins



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