The Inertia for Good Editor

Photo: Malo’o

The Inertia

People invent gadgety surf contraption crap all the time. The problem is it’s usually crap we don’t actually need (or probably won’t work). We’re such a privileged bunch that the problems we need people to solve for us are things like making sure wetsuits can dry in between sessions.

You can always keep a full wardrobe of wetsuits, which just proves my point a little more, or you can find a clever way to make sure your suit doesn’t sit in a cold damp pile in the bed of your SUV/truck/or car trunk. Hanging a wetsuit off the side view mirror or sticking out of a rolled up window while blasting down the freeway are classic techniques you’ll see put to use everywhere. The fact remains wet wetsuits and wet towels will always suck, no matter how good life may be otherwise. This invention is a pretty simple variation of that idea. And unlike many surf accessory inventions today, it’s something you’ll actually need.

Note: Check out the Malo’o Kickstarter campaign here


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