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The Inertia

“Give the people what they want,” said John John, mid-stretch. “They want John John warm-up stretches,” Koa responded.

That little snippet of conversation occurred while John and Koa were watching Rocky Point. It was the only wave on the North Shore that was well and truly sucking up all the swell had to offer, and the whole crew was out. It might be strange for Koa and the rest of the gang to watch the kid they grew up with turn into a world champion, a hyper-famous surfer who commands the attention of the vast majority of pro surfing fans on the planet. But maybe it’s not. It’s likely that to them, he’s still just John John, the kid who really liked to surf.

Neither John nor Koa are strangers to injury — closer to friends of injury, in fact — and so they know that, as they grow older, they should prepare their bodies for the kind of surfing they do. It’s a simple thing, really. Just a few stretches to get the blood moving, a bit of movement to activate the muscles. And certainly, they’ll do more before say, a world title match, but here’s what a pre-surf warm up looks like before a friendly session at their local spot.


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