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The Inertia

The whole world is dealing with some serious shit right now. Even if you live on a tropical island like Oahu, you’re not immune to the Coronavirus. Take, for example, the Smith brothers and their friends. They, of course, are used to being outside doing things that often put them in close proximity to other people. But right now, close proximity is not a good proximity.

“We don’t know how strict they’re going to be,” Koa said on their way to Pipeline. “We don’t even know if they’re going to let us surf Pipeline. We’ve been pretty much locked in our house, hanging around but not really interacting too much with people. Going to The Shack is the only time there are more than like, seven people around us. Right now the big movement is all about flattening the curve, you know? So really not interacting with people; trying not to spread the Corona.”

With state parks shut down and the need to live that quarantine, life, Koa and Travis take us through a day of their version of quarantine life in Hawaii. And yes, it includes a rare late-season Pipeline swell and a bunch of crazy coffees… and a little too much close contact.


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