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Raise your hand if you have multiple chunks of partially used surf wax lining the crevices of your beach bag, board shorts and/or stuck somewhere deep into the carpet fibers of your surf wagon. If responding in the affirmative, you know all too well how quickly these sticky, aromatic bars of wax can degrade once out of their packaging. Seriously, how much more can you get out of that last little nugget?

Orlando, Florida-based Peel Surf Co. has come up with a cool way to revitalize the hot mess your surf wax leftovers can become.

The “Orange Peel,” as described on the start-up’s website, is a 3-D-printed, silicone-based receptacle created specifically for surf wax storage and recycling. “Designed to fit into your vehicle’s cup holder, the Orange Peel is the ideal drop box to deposit your forgotten little pieces of wax that you collect over time,” says Nick Vacca, owner/operator of Peel Surf Co. “Once you have enough melted down, you can pop it out and have a full bar of wax. Or, if you are anything like me and are constantly trying different wax, you could have a full bar of ‘Franken-wax’ that is your own blend.”

Vacca goes on to explain the idea for the Orange Peel originated with a habit he and his surf buddies picked up when heading to the beach. “Instead of letting the wax we forgot about end up on the shore or melt into our car’s upholstery, we used empty styrofoam cups to hold the wax while we surfed. The heat from the sun melted it down and we would let it cool off, eventually ripping the cup apart to get the wax out. After a while, I realized I could improve on this idea and make it something sustainable.”


Not wanting to leave those who live in northern climates out in the cold, Vacca points out the Orange Peel is microwave and oven safe. “Once you have filled it up enough (at least the equivalent of 1/3 of a bar of standard wax), you can pop it into the oven at 325 degrees for a few minutes and let it melt.”

But what if my leftover wax is caked with sand and other crap? No problem, according to Vacca. “When the wax is melted, the particulate will sink to the bottom of the Orange Peel. When re-solidified, it can be scraped easily off of the top of the bar.”

While the company has done well to create buzz around its product through strategic social media posting, Vacca says he is ramping up for a Kickstarter campaign before the end of the year. He plans to have the Orange Peel available for online purchase shortly thereafter. “Afterward, we will be partnering with local surf shops to make sure it is something you can purchase close to home.”


For updates on the Kickstarter campaign and product availability, visit Peel Surf Co.’s website and/or follow along via its Instagram and Facebook feeds.


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