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“Jamie O’Brien just did something crazy,” isn’t exactly the closest thing to a Man Bites Dog headline. The guy does something nuts and puts it on the internet just about every day that ends in “y” and this particular instance might not sound as wild as it really is at first glance. But here goes anyway:

“I’m gonna film this thing, drive the jet ski one-handed while Kaikea (Elias) gets shacked.”

We’re not talking about filming your friend doing kickflips while you follow on a bike. This is all while being chased by a massive wall of whitewash in the middle of Mexico (approximately the 6-minute mark). It’s not the kind of stuff you’d ever learn in a water safety course and in fact, you’d probably get kicked out of one for doing so in the first place.


And then the rest of this video is a lot of really great surfing on really great waves in Mexico. So basically, more of the same stuff we’re used to but still can’t look away from. J.O.B. is having a good summer. Enjoy.


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