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The Inertia

Often when one is younger, the future they desire seems like a pipe dream. It is impossibly far away, a road so jumbled with choices that making the right ones time after time just doesn’t seem possible. And that’s right: making every single right choice is never going to happen. But if you keep yourself pointed at least vaguely in the right direction, you’ll find your way there. “It just kind of happened that one day you wake up and you’re living your dream,” says Jeannie Martinson, the focus of this installment of Seea’s Generations project. Generations is a “collection of snapshots that celebrate the many ways women enjoy the same ocean playground through evolving stages of their lives.”

Jeannie and her husband (Mark Martinson, 1965 United States Surfing Champion, shaper, and Pupukea staple) had simple goals, which, if you’re reading this, are probably similar to yours. A healthy, active life somewhere near the beach and a good community to get involved with. Now, all these years later in the golden years of her life, Jeannie suddenly finds herself living exactly how she always wanted, and it’s all because she just kept doing what felt right.

Seea Generations: Jeannie from The Seea on Vimeo.


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