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The Inertia

Join us for a brief journey, if you will, to the halcyon days of surf filmmaking. When watching the latest movie required a trip down to the local surf shop, ogling the new VHS tapes on display under glass at the cash register, right next to the surf wax, and throwing down your (or maybe mom and dad’s) hard-earned for the latest flick. After procuring said tape, hours were spent watching, then rewinding, then watching again ad nauseam. A simpler time, indeed.

Lucky for us, Vimeo user Shaggadelic’s Home Movies recently uploaded a vintage Occy part from those days, and man has Occ’s surfing held up to the test of time. Besides the baggier board shorts, longer, thinner board, and of course the sub-par video quality, Occy’s backside approach looks like it belongs on the CT as much now as it did back then.


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