The Inertia

Jacob is a student at University of California, Santa Cruz. He’s also a surfer. If you’ve ever lived in a college dorm, you understand that the lifestyle of a surfer and a student don’t mix well. With barely enough room for a bed and desk, just fitting a picture of your family is hard enough. Imagine a 9’8 surfboard. Not gonna happen.That’s what drew Jacob to Traveler Surf Club, one of their newer locations. His routine is simplified because he can store all his surf gear at the club.

Traveler Surf Club is the ultimate way to store your board. With state-of-the-art board lockers and fresh changing rooms, Jacob can be out on the water catching waves within 20 minutes of leaving his dorm room. Better yet, he can take a hot shower, enjoy a cup of tea and show up to class ready to focus on his studies without the distraction of salty hair (can’t avoid the nasal drip though). And Traveler features multiple locations.

Learn more about Traveler Surf Club, here.


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