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The Inertia

There’s a funny thing that happens in surfing – as in most sports – that when you do a turn or an air on a wave, it feels so much cooler than it looks on camera. From first-person POV, you’re looking down at your feet and it feels like you’re way higher in the air or burying your rail so hard. It makes you wonder, what do guys who are actually launching higher than everyone else or turning harder than anyone else seeing when they look down at their own feet. What does, say, an 11-time world champ see? Wonder no more.

In the run-up to the release of Taylor Steele’s most recent film, Proximity, he’s releasing a handful of VR experiences. So far you’ve been able to surf with Rasta and Steph Gilmore, Craig Ando and Rob Machado, but now join the champ himself to see what he sees.



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