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Mo Freitas is a rad kid. If you haven’t heard of him, check out his Insty page. He could ride a wet pig if he had to–but mostly he just likes to ride boards, all kinds of boards like longboards, shortboards, SUPs, and foil boards. He can race. He can surf competitively. And he’s really good at dodging boogie boarders who burn him and then shutting his mouth and not being a dick about it (unlike a lot of surf heroes we know).


Freitas, who grew up in Haleiwa, recently dodged this bodyboarder at Pipe, where getting stuffed can literally–such a cliche’, I know, but true–be the difference between kicking out and getting your teeth kicked in by coral heads. Freitas takes off, pig-dogging into the section, then skillfully navigates a tight little barrel while a guy rides in front of him with his belly-button on foam.

And Mo knows not to talk s***, even if it was life-threatening. On his Instagram account, he got baited in the comments. He could have burned the guy back online. But he didn’t. And the question remains, how bad was this burn? Burn of the century? Burn of the year? Burn of the week? Getting stuffed sucks.



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