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The Inertia

What exactly is Chris Cote’s job? He doesn’t really hold one position you could submit a resume for but you’ve certainly seen his face and heard his voice in every corner of the action sports community. While you can’t exactly put a job title on it, this was all more or less his dream of making a living by writing and talking about surfing and skateboarding. Of course, he also planned to do it all with a sense of humor and some positivity.

If we have to pin it down, we can say Chris Cote is a “professional action sports personality.” He got his start as a competitive surfer and skateboarder before he was the editor of Transworld Surf Magazine. Today, Chris is a commentator for the World Surf League, host of the Vans Park Series, editor of Encinitas Magazine, and the host of the Monday M.A.S.S, his own podcast. Here, he shares some great stories about hanging with Andy Irons, an encounter with a sea anemone, and some of the crazy things he’s see in contests. Just as important, he offers his fair share of stories about failure, getting sober, staying relevant, and how they all helped him create the list of dream jobs you recognize him for.

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