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Of all the surf world pairings that just make perfect sense, Ben Gravy and asymmetrical surfboards should be an easy one to pull off the top of your head. The man’s entire livelihood has come from getting in the water however, whenever, and wherever he can, which has largely fueled his (and now our) affection for novelty waves. Where most of us used to see a reason to keep driving and pray for more swell tomorrow, Gravy’s always seen an opportunity for an all-time session. Simply put, Ben Gravy looks at waves differently than the rest of us do. And he’s helped the surf world find a lot of enjoyment in otherwise unfavorable conditions.

As such, Gravy’s rig is always stacked with an assortment of soft tops and boards built for groveling in onshore mush or whatever conditions may present themselves for the day. Hell, the guy once took a hacksaw to a piece of plywood and then paddled out for a good time. And you’d think carrying around a plethora of surfboards mixed with a penchant for seeing almost everything as a surfable wave would mean the guy has at least one asymmetrical craft in his quiver. Well, he doesn’t. Or he didn’t until recently. That’s right, Ben Gravy has surfed all 50 states in the U.S. but until this week he’d never caught one of those waves on a funky shape with more fins on one side than the other.

Curious to give it a go yourself? After his first session in, big surprise, pretty crappy waves, Gravy gave a few thoughts about his first experience:

“I absolutely loved it. It was really, really fast,” he says. “The board was maneuvering down the line quite easily and finding areas where I could actually throw a couple turns.”


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