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Jack Johnson is an interesting fella. In 2001, Brushfire Fairytales put him squarely into the mainstream. And while most outside of surfing know him solely for his music, those who follow surfing know that Jack Johnson is a surfer’s surfer. He just happens to play music, too.

“I never had to make it secondary,” he told The Inertia‘s Joe Carberry about surfing. “It’s always a key thing. Definitely gonna be on tour in the Midwest this year and maybe have to find a wave pool. But I’ll put music first for a couple of weeks. Surfing’s always first, even when recording albums. I’m in the studio, and there’s a good swell, it tends to take priority.”

ESPN‘s Outside The Lines recently pointed the camera at Johnson to tell the story of how a wipeout at Pipeline changed the trajectory of the North Shore native’s life.


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