The Inertia

The stoke was at an unparalleled high last Saturday Morning in Carolina Beach, N.C. Hoot’s and hollers echoed from one end of the 400-person lineup to the other. But out of those 400, only about five or six were surfing the clean 2-3 foot peelers with a slight offshore breeze, a very atypical ratio for a playful weekend swell in Southeastern North Carolina.

All the commotion was thanks to the amazing program that is “Life Rolls On,” which creates a platform for adaptive athletes and other handi-capable people to get back into the ocean. For some, it’s a return to riding waves. In some cases, this was their first time ever. Since motivational speaker/Founder/Executive Director/CEO of “Life Rolls On,” Jesse Billauer suffered a surfing accident 20 years ago, Jesse has been a C-6 Quadriplegic and a leading voice in changing the way beach towns and cities look at their infrastructure for handicapped people. “Life Rolls On” is a truly inspiring event that any surfer would enjoy, I encourage everyone to find one of these events happening near by and volunteer.

Note: You can learn more about Life Rolls On on Facebook here.



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