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Few things in life are as good as a solid snack. Clean laundry. Offshore wind. An unexpected raise. They’re all on the same level. When you make that meal healthy and tasty, well then, you’re sitting on gold. And now that it’s summer, acai bowls are the place to be. People have been eating acai for years, but nutritionally, acai is a great superfood to keep you charged up on a long, active summer day.

Lucky for us, we teamed up with the very talented Bruna Schmitz and Sambazon for the newest installment of #HEALTHVIBES to bring you Bruna’s favorite acai bowl recipe. Growing up in Brazil, she knows a few things about acai. So without further ado, here’s all you need to make a badass acai bowl:

Sambazon Acai frozen superfood pack (sweetened or unsweetend…we’re partial to the sweetened ones.)
– Almond milk
– Strawberries
– Avocado
– Bananas
– Honey

Toppings (put them at the bottom, too, so you’re not bummed when you get there):
– Coconut flakes
– Goji berries
– Chia seeds

Now you’ve got what you need. Get after it! Make one for a friend! They will not be mad at you.

And follow Bruna Schmitz on Instagrama at @brunasschmitz

Editor’s Note: This installment of #HEALTHVIBES a new series featuring health, wellness, and nutrition tips for surfers and outdoor enthusiasts has been made possible through the support of Sambazon.


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