The Inertia for Good Editor
"Hey man, just stopping by to see if my board's ready. You said 5-7 weeks." The crew that took on one heck of an order card. Photo: OCRegister/Ed Crisostomo

“Hey man, just stopping by to see if my board’s ready. You said 5-7 weeks.” The crew that took on one heck of an order card. Photo: OCRegister/Ed Crisostomo

The Inertia

Huntington Beach is stepping up their game in the battle to be named Surf City USA with this latest stunt. According to the HB website, inking some space in Guinness’s Book of World Records on June 20th, 2015 will close their grip on that title. They’ve created the biggest surfboard to ever be ridden as well as the largest number of people to ride a wave on one board.

The plan: more than 60 surfers, including former US Open of Surfing Champs and Surfing Walk of Fame Inductees, will pile onto a 42-foot surfboard for one insane party wave. First, the obvious questions must be addressed. Who the hell made a 42-foot board? “The design is based on Australian surfboard shaper Nev Hyman’s schematics, while Orange County boat builder Westerly Marine and Rhode Island’s mouldCAM along with local surf industry shapers are collaborating,” according to the website. And this isn’t going to be a legitimately long longboard, it’s actually going to be a shortboard outline in honor of Mr. Huntington Beach himself, Brett Simpson. Hurley logos and all.

Other questions we need answered:

~Who’s calling the shots on wave selection for this shindig?


~Do standard right-of-way rules apply to all 60+ people on one board, or do they pretty much get their pick?

~What if it’s firing in HB that day? We’re talking double overhead clean up sets.

~Who calculated the volume?

~FCS or Futures?

~Swallow tail? Thumb? Double or Single concave? You’ve got 60 people to make happy. Better choose the design wisely.


~Is there a corresponding world record for loudest collective hoot? How about most claims on one wave?

~Has somebody already started bumming wax from dudes in the pier parking lot to dial that thing in?

~Who’s wearing the leash?



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