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Editor’s Note: This piece is sponsored by our friends at Hyperflex.

You know the Pepsi Challenge, right? A bunch of unwitting, thirsty humans are asked to taste Coke and Pepsi and say which they prefer in a blind taste test? Without the branding, the logos, and the marketing, the two syrupy colas aren’t as easy to distinguish as you might expect. It’s also fun to do this with Asian beers. Grab a friend and place a Sapporo beside an Asahi and a Kirin, and you’re in for a very fun argument. And evening!

Well, wetsuits might be similar. Without the branding, design, and logos, could you really tell the brand and the price of the suit you’re wearing? In that spirit, the team at Hyperflex stripped their wetsuits down to all-black rubber – with no branding visible – and asked surfers around the United States to try them out. They wanted to get some feedback from unwitting surfers: Who made the suit? What does it cost? You like? Yes..you like!


They weren’t bummed on the results, either. Their new VYRL 3/2 suit retails for $159.95, and the 4/3 is $174.95. If you’re looking for a quality suit that won’t break the bank now that things are cooling off, the Hyperflex VYRL collection ain’t a bad way to goAnd feel free to enter your email for a chance to win one below!

Follow the link in the image to enter for a chance to win a suit from Hyperflex.

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