The Inertia

Sometimes you just have to pick up and go. That’s what this film is about; going somewhere you’ve never gone before. Or maybe just going back to your roots. Maybe it’s getting off the grid, going rogue, and letting them all guess for a while.

Sometimes that’s the only thing that feels like home.

Meet Keli Moore and Karson Lewis. Although they’re from opposite coasts (California and North Carolina, respectively) and a generation apart, they’ve discovered they share the same spirit. They both have a knack for making the most out of every single day.

I met Keli and Karson on my first day in Nicaragua (none of this was planned) and proceeded to spend the next week with the girls on an adventure of a lifetime. Our first afternoon after arriving at a surf and yoga retreat camp was like a scene straight from The Endless Summer. We loaded up a vintage Land Cruiser for the sunset surf, set out, and the first spot we hit was this beautiful bay with a black sand beach. We pulled up to discover perfect peeling rights and lefts and no one in sight. It was every longboarder’s dream.

Nicaragua is not known to be a longboarder’s first choice, but we scored during our week stay. The quest to find loggy surf in this part of the world was not as challenging as the perception. Yes, there were some days that we traded in our logs for fishes to surf the Boom (a pitchy fast wave well known for its barrels), but for the most part, we were pleasantly surprised by long, cruisey, mellow rides. As the initiated know, once you dance on water, it’s tough to want to do anything else.

Song: ‘Blue Eyes’ by the incredible Jordy Maxwell. You can find more from the author on Instagram here


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