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You surf. Will you vote? Photo: The Drone Booth

The Inertia

Dear fellow ocean lovers,

Getting political isn’t really what floats our boat. Like you, we’d rather be playing in the ocean. The thing is, if we don’t participate in the political process, we’re not going to be able to surf much longer. Right now, our country’s charted course includes aggressive rollbacks on climate protections and rampant industrial deregulation. The forecast is grim: this path will poison our water and ruin our waves.

So what can you do today that will help make sure that our kids can still surf tomorrow? Pledge to vote. And then actually vote.

Our friends at Blue Uprising are stoked to announce the launch of their 2020 “I Surf. I Vote” campaign—rallying ocean voters in the U.S. to make the pledge to vote out the climate change deniers and enemies of our ocean.


Blue Uprising is a Political Action Committee that fights for candidates who fight for the ocean. Here’s their plan:

· Aggressively address climate change from the policy level to the personal.

· End offshore drilling.

· Retire single-use plastic.

· Maintain sacred marine protected areas.


· Support sustainable fishing and catching.

· Champion sustainable energy.

· Elect leaders who respect science.

Blue Uprising believes that the waves made by 10,000 ocean voters like you can grow into a global groundswell. We agree. That’s why they’ve got our pledges.

The ocean needs yours. Don’t sit this one out.

Pledge to vote here.


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