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The motivation to tell stories about traveling and surfing around the world came from three desires. First, was a desire to step away from my competitive lifestyle. I’m a full-time WQS competitor, but I was yearning to find a place with great waves where I could let go of contest stresses. I needed to reconnect with the ocean and simply surf with my heart again.

The second desire was to slow down and be able to enjoy every aspect of being in a new place; the waves, food, culture, and people. These are things I’d simply forget to do when competing.

And finally, I wanted to document these trips so I could inspire others to live with their hearts and nurture their passions. This was my opportunity to give the surf community a change of pace from the typical surf edit, and hopefully inspire young girls to reach for the same.



Note: “Wandering Indonesia” was made possible by Suzuki Caribbean and is the first episode of the author’s three-part series. You can follow more of Chelsea’s adventures on Instagram here

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