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I got my dream job. The phone rang; it was a call asking me to co-lead a trip to Spain and Portugal with a study abroad program specifically designed for surfers and appropriately named Sea State. Obviously, I said YES, no questions asked, and figured we would work out the details later.

Several years ago this same program had not only exposed me to a new life path, but it crystallized my vision for the future. I went to Nicaragua as a junior studying Cultural Tourism, joined a leader training internship in Panama next, and eventually earned a degree in Sustainable Tourism at SDSU.  So now, the opportunity to formally lead a group of Sea State students was one of the most humbling and rewarding experiences of my life. It wasn’t too long ago that I was in their very shoes and now I was here to help them set out on their own path, wherever it was headed. I was encouraging the students to not only catch the next wave, but to put themselves out there, to talk to the locals, and to even meet the mayor and gain perspective on their impact as visitors to these unique coastlines. It was life changing for all of us.

Leading a passion driven, insightful life is one of the founding principals of Sea State, by following my passion and leading trips for them I hope to pass that on and help point young students in the right direction.


Note: You can learn more about Sea State online here

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