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The Inertia

I’ve always gravitated to raw, rugged landscapes where nature displays its overwhelming presence in such an intimate way. Deprived of the distractions associated with the metropolitan lifestyle, the viewer is able to immerse himself more fully into the present moment and explore some of the deeper meanings in life. Therefore the experience becomes infinitely more intense and meaningful.

With so much open land void of human interference, New Zealand caters well to the needs of those who wish to disconnect from the outside world.

In a lot of ways, New Zealand reminds me of home, which is probably why I gravitate to the land there. With pristine coastlines and snow-covered mountains never too far away, it is impossible to get bored with so much opportunity around.


I never set out to make a video as an ode to New Zealand. I just wanted to document our travels and share our experience in an effort to inspire and educate. There are times when words fail to communicate certain feelings and ideas and it is my hope that some of these concepts are transferred through the means of this video.

There’s also something to be said about the freedom given to you from living out of a van. The #VanLife movement has exploded over recent years and for good reason. While it certainly isn’t as glamorous as everyone makes it out to be (especially when you’re sharing it with your buddy who is 6”4) , it does allow you to move around at will and liberate yourself.

When we couldn’t find any waves to surf, we made do with Kiwi meat pies and coffee shops until a new swell filled in. Our goal was to surf good, empty waves and we left having accomplished that and so much more. The trip was a success to say the least.



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