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The Inertia

Ian Walsh lives and breathes Jaws. If there’s a big day, it takes a lot for him to miss it. His career has hinged on it, and the amount of time he’s put into surfing the place shows. So when a purple blob showed up on the forecasting models that looked like it was going to pump out the biggest swell to hit Jaws in a decade, Walsh, as per usual, made sure to be there.

A lot goes into a Jaws swell, preparation-wise. For the most part, the casual viewer doesn’t see a lot of it. But in the video Walsh recently released on his YouTube channel, we get a candid view of the inner workings that surround these rare and monumental swells. Ian, Kai Lenny, Shaun Walsh, Luke Walsh, DK Walsh, Annie Reickert, Ridge Lenny, Shaun Lopez, Albee Layer, Tyler Larronde, Nathan Florence, and Greg Long all took part, and it’s fair to say that none of them are going to forget this day.


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